Shawn Barry

Shawn Barry

Shawn Barry is a seasoned creative pro with 30 years experience. As a kid, Shawn drew pictures of super heroes he liked. He did it often enough that other kids started asking for drawings of super heroes THEY liked. That lead to art school, which led to film school, which led to design school where he continued to draw super heroes, just better. He still draws.

In the industry, Shawn has held every position from pre-press artist to Creative Director, all the while drawing on his artistic, story-telling instincts to become an accomplished designer/art director, leader and clutch creative presenter. Smart, strategic and obsessed, Shawn is always going deep for his clients.

In addition to being an active professional, Shawn is also a social media educator with courses on design and creativity on educational sites such as Udemy and Skillshare, and has his own YouTube channel where he posts videos about creative and design principles.



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